• Wholegrain Bread for Wholesome Life!


Our hectic lifestyle makes us underestimate the role food plays in the adequate care of our bodies, tonus and mood. We eat a lot of fast food, we skip meals, we choose "instant" food. And eventually this pace of life affects us and as we deprive our bodies from what it needs, we feel fatigued and overstressed.

Vita Wholegrain Bread is inspired by the wholesome lifestyle philosophy. We have to give ourselves only the very best so that we have the energy to make the most of life.

Wholegrain food naturally fits into this way of thinking as nature perfectly combines all nutrients we need for a well-balanced lifestyle.

The benefits of wholegrain breads to our bodies, disposition and tonus are various and as is the wealth of the whole grain.

About us

We have been producing bread for over 70 years. We believe that good quality bread should be tasty and make us feel active, vigorous and complete. For that reason we make true wholegrain bread which binds all valuable characteristics of the whole grain with a rich and subtle variety of taste.

Our Vita Bread brand is made only from highest quality wholegrain flour. We select the finest grains which are then ground at our own mills to be sure that all useful and important parts of the grain are preserved. We achieve this by using stone mills - a centuries-old technique that keeps the useful substances of the grain during grinding. This method is slow and costly, but to us, there is nothing more important than keeping the natural characteristics of the whole grain.

Vita - from grain to bread

Every step of the way Vita Bread travels to our customers, from grain selection to packaging, has been carefully monitored. To do this we apply state-of-the-art technologies to a product so traditional and well-known in order to preserve its most valuable features - true value and magnificent taste.

The wheat and rye we use are carefully selected from the most fertile regions in Bulgaria. Our rye is grown on the foothills of the Balkan Mountains - near Karlovo, Kazanlak and Veliko Tarnovo, whereas the wheat we use comes from the granary of the country - Dobrudja region and North Bulgaria. Grain then is taken to our mills, where it becomes wholegrain flour. The flour and selected spelt, flax and sesame seeds are then mixed by unique recipes to obtain a tasty variety of healthy bread.

Vita recipes

Vita Bread is specially designed for modern people passionate about high quality and healthy eating.

We believe that nutritious food is both a refined pleasure and the best way to take care of our families and ourselves.

This is something our master-bakers never forget.

That is why they work together with healthy and dietary food experts and the recipes they create combine traditional bread-making craftsmanship with the skills to derive the best from nature.